2022-09-07 ● Ch-ch-changes

It’s a mess in here, but messes are good. I’ve decided to consolidate all the journals/blogs/changelogs to here. Feels like those update pages for collectives (remember those?) back in the early 00s. 🙃 Some updates (more of a to-do list):

guerrero.ph Replace CSS checkboxes to HTML details and summary for accordions; may also implement dark mode as seen in this Codepen and implement user preferences using media queries.

hellonavi Trying to figure out why addEventListener isn’t working for keyboard navigability although I’m already thinking of completely redoing the layout. But if I can replace the same CSS checkboxes hack with native HTML, might just do that.

8hrworkday Fumbling with Eleventy. I need to fix the paths, pagination, among other things. Sometimes I go back to just wanting to write my own static site generator.

I also wanted to be more systematic with how I approach these projects, and Milo from Merveilles advised to write specs first in relation to technical documents but sounds like a good idea to practise with most things anyway. I might chuck those in to Hello Navi.

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