2022-09-12 ● Eight hour work day

Maintaining personal websites is a full-time job. But I already have one of those (and then some)... 😪 So here are recent changes and to-do list items (more of a wishlist now because I keep adding to it)!

guerrero.ph Have not had the chance to do the user preferences implementation, but it’s next on the list after the HTML native accordions.

hellonavi Moved the Now section to here. Make the links page an ongoing list of resources or interesting pages to be added on a regular basis. (Pinboard integration? Do I even bother with Instapaper? I have too many accounts/subscriptions/tools.) Also undergoing a bit of a facelift...

/three-o-clock-prayer Have not done my Three O’Clock Prayer project yet, but I aim to start this Friday.

8hrworkday Need to implement build-time image transformations with Eleventy, add in a syntax highlighter for code snippets (probably a plug-in in Markdown), and /checks notes, add in pagination.

Need to look into why my build script is only building assets and not all files. I’ve had to stop automatically deploying to Neocities via git and just manually pushing from the Neocities command line which is a pain, but not terrible.

/Now Thinking of connecting Reading, Watching, and Listening to possibly Kinopio (with posters or covers) so I only need to update once because I hate redundancies.

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