2022-09-21 ‚óŹ Housekeeping

guerrero.ph Main website. Where bio, statement, and current major projects are located and is supposed to serve as portfolio. More static. Currently hand-coded HTML/CSS and some JS, and served off Digital Ocean. Also hosts Waiting For the Enemy.

8hrworkday Log and journal. Changelogs for the collective websites are also here (minus hellonavi). Currently built on Eleventy and hosted at Neocities. Currently happy with how Eleventy is working, so I will likely keep it.

hellonavi Index of online, digital projects, and has its own changelog. Hand-coded, hosted at Neocities as well. Will just be folders of smaller websites. Sub-projects might use different stacks.

knights Planning for a digital garden, hosted at Ctrl-C. Possibly using my own static site generator if I get around to it.

smallerseasons A daily calendar app, probably written in React (just to see if I can do it) based on the 72 microseasons of Japan. Maybe creating an API for this.

All code is hosted at GitLab. Works for my own purposes for now, but may change later.

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