2022-11-18 ● 21st century boy

In the foreground are: a medium-sized glass pot filled with tea and a teabag, and a white, blue-rimmed mug with a logo of a cartoon girl in the centre. Blurred in the background is a green, resealable bag with an illustrated animal character and a girl.

This week month’s special!

I flew across the country to British Columbia to be with family for an upcoming birth (!), and have been spending quality time playing with my nephew.

Drinking I ordered this Karel Čapek Muscat Oolong tea from Rainbowholic. I can definitely taste the sweetness of the muscat (a type of grape). I also got a black tea that can be hot or iced, but I have not tried making it cold yet! It has started to get colder here (with the surprise arrival of snow) so I’ve been mostly trying to stay warm.

Reading I sped through all of 20th Century Boys (and 21st Century Boys, the follow up) by Urasawa Naoki in four days. I’m a big fan of Urasawa’s, Pluto and Monster were both great series. I think Pluto is slated to be adapted into an anime, too. C was able to catch the stage play at the Barbican several years ago, and the whole production (and set design) sounded so amazing. I hope I can see it performed again, someday.

I also finished Franny Choi’s Soft Science, a book of poetry on identity and tenderness in technology inspired by artificial intelligence and programming-like language. I’m now on her latest, The World Keeps Ending, and the World Goes On.

Watching My friends and I watched One Cut of the Dead (2017) and its spin-off sequel for Halloween. I went in not really knowing anything except that it was supposed to be a zombie film, but it turned out to be a lot of fun to watch! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m also catching up on One Thousand Won Lawyer.

Listening Some albums of note from the past month: Modern Problem by Taiwanese folktronica band, Our Shame, The Light of Rain by Korean indie rock band, Huckleberryfinn, and The Greatest by all-girl alt-rock Thai band, Yellow Fang. I am constantly on the look-out for more Southeast Asian acts!