2022-09-20 ● Got the spirit, lose the feeling

Countless heads in the audience before a concert stage where New Order are playing with a large screen above them spanning almost the whole stage, and various lights awash in red and green colours.

C and I watched the Pet Shop Boys and New Order last weekend. We’d been waiting two years to see them since the cancellations due to the pandemic. The wait was worth it, Pet Shop Boys were fantastic, and their stage production was so artfully done. After them came New Order, it was the first time I had seen them live and they did not disappoint. They played Ceremony, one of most favourite songs, along with new and old songs, and for their encore, they surprised with Joy Division’s Love Will Tear Us Apart, a song that they hadn’t played live since 2018.

We’d missed seeing lives, and this year the stages opened back up again (for better or worse) and we went on a concert-watching frenzy. I still wear a mask, and I am still wary of being in close quarters with other people, even in outdoor spaces. C had caught the virus several weeks ago and had since recovered, so she banked on her short-term “immunity”, post-COVID. (The science behind that, I am not so sure of.)

Nevertheless, it was good to see bands we enjoyed playing again (and they seemed to be happy about it, too). Especially older bands, whom we had an unrelenting sense of urgency to see before, well, anything happens. (Knock on wood.)

Because heaven knows, it’s got to be this time.