2022-12-04 ● Pen on paper

Three notebooks spread on a table: the corner of a brown kraft notebook with a sticker of a cat in a sweater; two A5 Leuchtturm 1917 notebooks in pink and teal, respectively, both decorated with various colourful stickers.

I really enjoy watching stationery hauls, especially my friend Danice’s videos. I love collecting stationery, and most recently, fountain pens. My current go-to is a Kaweco Sport in iridescent pearl with an extra fine nib, and the ink I’ve been using is Tono & Lims Rose Quartz, a soft pink hue that I love.

A hand in a red-sleeved sweater holding a pack of stickers wrapped in tissue paper with repeating illustrations of a girl with curly hair and a cat. In the centre is a sticker of the same girl with the words: thank you for your support.

I received a cute sticker pack and notepad from my sister-in-law that she illustrated and designed herself, sent via my brother who recently came back from the Philippines. A new Daiso also just opened, and I bought a bunch of washi tape and envelopes (among many other cute, non-stationery things). In hindsight, my earliest memories of hoarding started with stationery from National Book Store.

I haven’t been writing as much these days. I used to take a Field Notes notebook wherever I went, but at some point it started to become cumbersome and I would just rely on my mobile’s notes app. But there’s a different satisfaction from cognitively offloading everything that’s in my head onto a blank sheet of paper.

The back of the two A5 Leuchtturm notebooks from the first image, also decorated with various colourful stickers.

I bought two A5 Leuchtturm 1917 notebooks a while back to use for regular journalling and bullet journalling. I get very ambitious about starting new notebooks, especially diaries, before the start of a new year (equivalent to a “go to the gym” resolution). I’m definitely not a minimalist, but I’d like to simplify both my digital and analogue tools, and use them in an organisational workflow that is both sustainable and fun to me.

I also want to reconnect with friends offline, so I’m thinking of sending letters— “This could have been an email, but it wasn’t”. Since I’m feeling ambitious, maybe a paper newsletter, too, like Keet’s Secret Pocket. Perfectionism will be the death of me, but it’s now or never, hopefully more now rather than never.

Just get pen on paper and start writing!