This is a Now page inspired by Derek Sivers.

This was last updated on 2022-09-27.

  • Our Networks has an open call for their next conference (purely online and distributed!) called 2047: Redistributing the Future, about what the world (and the internet) would look like in the year 2047. This article came to mind, as well as the idea that because of the scarcity and unsustainability of metals and materials, we might no longer have computers or devices in the future. (Hat tip to @notplants.)
  • This thread about spinning your own minifier, bundler, parser (and so on) instead of the usual bulky npm or webpack modules that are more often than not unnecessary.
  • Another thread that led to this article on “owning” websites on optical storage. Thinking also of purely peer-to-peer networks and sneakernets.
  • Toolmaking and why we should make our own tools; thinking about implementing my own static site generator, but also considering going manual until it hurts. (Via tips from the good folks at Merveilles.) Although I kind of want to write my own SSG for fun.

The Woman in the Purple Skirt by Imamura Natsuko (translated by Lucy North)
Rose of Versailles by Ikeda Ryoko

The Good Detective 2
One Dollar Lawyer

NCT 127, 2 Baddies
Supercar, Futurama